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How to improve your life?

Ellen Park Lived in Gaborone, Botswana

Let’s think about this question first. What is the first thing we need to check to improve our life? Wouldn't it be “how I've lived my life so far”? The cause of everything lies in my life. So we think and act according to what we accumulated in our life. By acknowledging the life I've lived, we can find and solve the cause of the hindrances that prevented us not being improved.

For example, a person who grew up in a family that values courtesy can easily be influenced by a lot of manners in his or her mind. People who have been raised by violent parents easily can be affected their life from those memories because it is already embedded in their minds. Let me give you an easy and specific example, I thought I am a person who originally doesn’t like tv. But when I look back on my life I was not the one who originally don’t like tv. My parents used to say a lot that tv was a hindrance to studying and not helpful in life. That's why I stopped watching tv from some point on. As such, the memories of our life dominate our whole present, future consciously and unconsciously.

There is a lot of minds within us like fixed thoughts that I learned from my life, trauma, memories of failure, memories having conflict, etc, These thoughts have been negatively affected my current moment and future. We still have all the minds, that is why we were hardly changed. But if you cleanse away the mind about the causes that made us in our lives, our lives can naturally change. Also, we can be free from those minds that one has. I also looked back at those causes diligently. so many things were embedded in me. I didn’t want to keep those minds anymore, so I diligently discarded them. The more I let it go, myself has changed. I became more positive, and things became simple and clear. It helps a lot to lead the life I want, not lead by memories. It’s amazing! If you want to lead and improve your life, recommend you to look back at your life first. If you want to know how to reflect and improve your life, you can refer to below.🌱

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