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How can I accelerate my personal growth efficiently?

Written by Donna Seo (Mother of two sons, Youth meditation instructor)

I teach meditation in middle schools as a freelancer. I've been doing this for four years now, and my skills keep improving. This is my secret to success.

1. Meditation

Four years ago, I was just an ordinary housewife. A married woman who scolded her two naughty sons every day was very annoyed at her life.

To get rid of the stress of parenting, I started meditating. Meditation lets me get rid of a lot of negative thoughts such as irritation, stress, anger, depression, and worry. Back then, my second son had tic disorder, but as I stopped thinking negative thoughts about him, his condition improved, and now he doesn't have tic disorder anymore.

2. A mother's mindset is crucial

I've come to realize that a mother's mindset has a big impact on a child's childhood. That's why I decided to teach meditation in a school. I was curious to see if this meditation worked for the students I met at school.

3. Appreciation even for those who criticize me

Just because I wanted to be a teacher didn't mean I became a teacher. In the first year, I took exams, did class demos, and studied hard. I went to school and got trained as an assistant teacher. One time, I was severely criticized by an experienced teacher during a class demonstration. I felt ashamed. The teacher was right, though. It was clear that I would have to accept the teacher and change my wrong class if I wanted to teach a class that would benefit my students. I appreciate the teacher so much.

4. Obstacles are gifts

I got my license and started teaching students. It's never easy.

Some kids interrupt class. I looked up ways to keep them focused.

Some students couldn't concentrate on meditation. While counseling these kids, they also learned how to get rid of the mind they couldn't let go of.

A lot of kids lost interest in everything because they were addicted to video games. I waited patiently, trying to open the child's heart.

5. Success with other people is a real success

Since last year, I've been visiting schools across the country and meeting kids. I told them if they meditate, they'll find the freedom and peace that's always been in their minds, and I've actually seen many kids find that. Kids write testimonials at the end of the class. They were awesome. One of them had insomnia cured. A child freed from bullying and trauma. A kid who opened the door of his heart to his parents, whom he had never talked to, and started talking. There's a kid who wants to do a study. A kid who is happy to find his dream. And there's one who dares to break his bad habits. A kid who appreciates everyone around him.

I felt moved watching children grow inside. It's not something that just happened. As a way to teach my kids meditation, I meditated every day, and my kids and I worked on our inner problems together. The inner growth of my students was the same as mine. I know that. When we let go of the negative thoughts in our heads, we can live a successful life. In my current research project, I am trying to improve the quality of classes for kids. Thankfully, I have access to many great teachers nearby. We can achieve real success when we can live happily together, instead of succeeding and living well alone.

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