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Hwal Jeong Former a worker in a NGO


Yes, I want to share something today.

We often say things like "Some artists put a living soul in his paintings" or "Some artists breathed a living soul into his sculpture." And such artworks have great energy that cannot be expressed in words. So they are sold at high prices, and many people admire them when they go to museums. That's probably because the artist tried to put his true heart into the artwork.

There is invisible energy (soul and spirit) in us, so we live in the world using that mind. When we say that this world is also a work of art, depending on what kind of energy we live with, a beautiful world can be created or can be an ugly world. This world created by the Creator, the origin will be a truly beautiful place with infinite positivity. This world would be heaven originally.

However, why are we not living in this original world which heaven but living with stress, pain, and burden? The reason is that humans turned their back against the Truth, treat the world with their fake minds, and don't live according to the principle of the world with fake minds. Weak human beings can't go against this Nature's flow anyway. The more you try to go against it, the more life becomes difficult. And it only adds pain. We must now surrender to the Truth, repent about our false and return to the heart of the original Creator. We have to be reborn at the true soul and spirit of the Truth.

We've been just saying that we should pray to the Truth only in words and believe in it, but, indeed, it doesn't work by just trying to do it. Not only did we not know the fake identity of the human mind which is made of karma, habits, and body, but we also did not know how to get rid of it. However, if there is a study that is the most difficult task, in which humans throw away their false mind and enables us to have the Truth within us and the land of Truth within us, there will be a great sensation.

Just as the world and men were created by Truth, it will be done by the Truth to make this incomplete world and men complete. This completion will be made by masters of Truth because these people are the masters when this truth is within them. There is a saying that those with eyes will see and those with ears will hear. The world is suffering from Covid-19 and the disasters due to climate changes. At this point, people in the world have a lot of anxiety, worries, and curiosities.

I'm writing this because I would like to introduce a method that I found, which is about how I've solved all this stress, pain, burden, curiosity, questions, and doubts. I hope everyone can meet this method and live well with a positive mind and wisdom that knows all the ways of the world.

The world that we create with the true mind will be so truthful and beautiful. That world will be such a good place where everyone wants to live in. I wish that we should know that we are the ones who have to create such a wonderful world that ideally we dreamed of.

If the world in which you live is a canvas for painting, I hope that you will be the most beautiful and noble people who transform this world from a dead world to a living world by infusing a true mind and life into that world.

Just as there is such a saying that "A crisis is an opportunity." I hope people who have anxiety, worries, and confusion in difficulties can grab an opportunity with knowing that there is also a solution in this world.

This video will help you, Thanks for reading until the end.

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