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Meditation : Monthly Membership

Regular Guided Meditation for a month / 1:1 Consultation / Lecture

  • Online

About the Session

The meditation courses include meditation for beginners and for people that have already been meditating for a while. A regular meditation session includes the following: 1.A lecture about meditation on topics tailor made for the students 2.Learning the meditation exercise that will be used 3.Guided Meditation *The meditation session duration is flexible. Group Meditation Class Our group meditation classes are very similar to regular meditation sessions but as several people meditate together you can experience stronger collective energy and support. Consultation with a instructor Before and/or after meditation, you can get a consultation with one of our meditation teachers. This is a key asset to get long lasting results: it is possible to get support and make sure we keep moving forward in our meditation path. Meditation is a lifelong journey, not just a one-day practice. Zagreb Meditation’s method helps you to see the world from the universe perspective and to understand the flow of life. Zagreb Meditation Full Course includes the 7 levels to cleanse Karma (releasing the remembered thoughts from life), Habits and Body class (removing habits which enslave our behavior). This course allows you to have unlimited access to small group classes daily, according to our schedule. Class Info: 7days a week @ Zoom app or offline (at the centre)

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